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Tips and Tricks for Video Localization

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We are living in an era where technology has completely taken over our day-to-day tasks. If there is one thing that technology has strengthened the most, it is communication. Communication is the key in every aspect of our life, and that includes the way we do business. Communication through multilingual videos is efficient and convenient for both the producer who wants to convey their messages and the viewer can efficiently   obtain knowledge from it. Read More

A present for every occasion – Gifting customs around the World

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With the arrival of Holiday season, the race to get that perfect gift begins. Gifting is a very important custom followed around the world and is a way to express our love and gratitude for our family, friends and associates. But many times, gifts can either make or break relationships. Here is a small guide on what to gift when you have friends or business acquaintances all over the world.
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Is Hinglish a Global Unifier?

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Last Saturday I was passing through a roadside weekly market when I saw an old man selling accessories of different mobile phones. A boy came to this shop and started bargaining the price of a black pouch lying there. The old man replied “यह tablet cover है और rate fixed हैं, इसमें कुछ margin नहीं होता.”
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