Flash to HTML5

Design and Technology

61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.(Latitude)

We don’t let your great Flash content go waste, we make it mobile-friendly!

In this age of mobility, you must have noticed how smartphones and other mobile devices have changed the way we communicate, interact, and learn. Be it learning content, ads, or videos, we all want our solutions to be accessible by smartphones and other mobile devices. With this, the time has come to bid adieu to Flash as Flash-based content does not run perfectly on most mobile devices.

As Flash was the first choice until recently for creating intuitive and interactive content, you must also be having an existing library of Flash-based courses/videos. These would be effective and successful but you are finding them difficult to use as they are platform-dependent. The good news is these can be transformed to a mobile friendly format using HTML5. How? We know it best.

  • Our expert instructional designers analyze Flash courses and create storyboards as per the learning requirement of courses.
  • We select authoring tools depending on the interactions and features required.
  • Our developers develop the courses creatively and build assessments in them.
  • Our testing team tests the content thoroughly on all the required mobile devices.