Machine Translation Post Editing

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With our expert post-editing services we bring accuracy, human touch and time & cost effectiveness to your MT content.

When you use Machine Translation (MT) for your content, there is often a dilemma: to use or not to use it! There are many pitfalls of this increasingly popular technology in terms of accuracy, context, quality, time requirements, and so on.

We are familiar with all the challenges and considerations of MT post-editing. Therefore, we are able to offer you all the advantages of MT with our team of experienced post-editors, chosen according to their area of expertise. We are proud to offer a service which includes:

  • Preliminary evaluation of your project, MT output, Terminology management and requirements by our dedicated MT experts in 70+ languages.
  • Customized translations based on project type, domain/industry, languages and target markets
  • Quick turnaround with consistency and high quality while bringing down the overall cost, without re-translating the whole content.
  • Structured feedback by post-editors to help you improve the MT system

If you are looking for quality, quick turnaround and cost effective MT post-editing services, then look no further and contact us at: