Multilingual Digital Publishing

Language Solutions

65% of adult US Internet users will prefer digital magazines to print magazines by 2020. (MEQUODA)

We know what it takes to blend digitization with multilinguality!

All companies use user manuals, brochures and collaterals to provide useful instructions and information to their target customers. When targeting global markets it is all the more important to carefully craft these communications in the target language(s). Otherwise the results can be paralyzing.

For some creating these user manuals will be just about completing one job and getting on to the other. For us it is a way of life.

  • We have expertise in working on end-to-end multilingual DTP projects for industry leaders in 70+ languages.
  • Our experienced linguists ensure the intended meaning is conveyed accurately.
  • Our inhouse team of DTP editors ensure the artwork and layout is correct as per the source document.
  • Be it digital format with cross-links or print-ready format, our testers ensure DTPed content is error-free.
  • We offer effective digital e-book solutions for devices like Apple iPad and iPhone, Amazon Kindle™, Sony® e-book Reader and more.
  • Our stringent pre- and post- DTP checks and proofing confirm a successful communication to your audience.