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language-solutionsFrom simple vanilla translations to adapting your content for target markets; we do it all in 70+ languages! See your product as strictly local? Think content adaptation is not for you?

The fact is, whether you are going global or targeting local markets, you need to adapt your content. That’s because your local market usually has more than one official language (e.g. some of the major languages spoken in the US are English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Tagalog).

To gain success within your target market(s) it’s important that your product or service adheres to the nuances of different cultures, demographics, standards, and regulations. We understand these nuances and effectively adapt your content to match.

Along with text, we also adapt graphics, colors, symbols, currencies, formats (date/time) and other essential elements. This adaptation is popularly known as ‘localization’.

You can trust us for localization in Asian, Indian, European, Middle-east, and Africa languages. What’s more, we use all the popular Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools for consistent and cost-effective localization.

We also translate…
But first and foremost we help you go local in a foreign country!