Translation Partner

Our business partners have helped us by providing scalable and quality-driven solutions in a wide range of subject areas over the years. Their rock-solid support has helped us become one of the pioneers in extending the use of European, Indian and Asian languages in global business. By working together with our partners, we have been able to provide our clients with a broader range of services whilst maintaining the high quality standards that have become our hallmark.

We are constantly working to develop a world-class partner network that can help us in meeting our service goals for our customers. Our cooperative approaches include sharing our insights and expertise on innovation, new tools and technologies along with providing support systems related to workload and grievances. Braahmam has also provided CAT tool training for more than 100 partners.

If you are a freelance translator or translation agency, or if you can provide other services that could form part of our language and learning compendium – and if you would like to work with Braahmam – please click on any one of the links below and complete the form. Our Supplier Management Team will contact you shortly thereafter.