Video Dubbing & Subtitling

Language Solutions

YouTube broadcasted in 54 languages with 70% of visitors living outside of the U.S. (YouTube)

We help you reach your global audience with engaging, localized videos!

Video localization can play an important role in increasing the global outreach. It mainly entails subtitling and audio re-dubbing.

Whether for video localization, learning localization or IVRS, you may also need to get your content recorded in different languages.

  • Let Braahmam be your partner for these services. We sync your video subtitles and/or audio to make it appear like the source video.
  • If you do not have the original video script, don’t worry we can transcribe it for you!
  • If your video requires screenshots to be replaced with localized ones, we have the expertise.
  • We have a strong network of native VO artists and studios in 70+ languages to ensure professional quality recording.
  • Our dedicated audio team post-produces and checks the audio for any clicks and pops.
  • Quality of output is something that you can entirely leave on us.