Our Quality Policy

Braahmam is an ISO 17100:2015 certified company. We at Braahmam don’t simply preach about being a quality-focused company. We thoroughly practice it, and these deeply rooted values and culture differentiate us from the rest.

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Our Quality Belief

ATC Certification

Quality has always been an integral part of Braahmam, and strict adherence to the Quality Policy guidelines is one of our USPs. With ISO 17100:2015, we’ve gone a step further and obtained certification with the International Certification Body ATC in 2019. We haven’t just theoretically met these standards but have gone through a rigorous auditing program.

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Our quality objectives are to:

  • Provide quality services to clients within the affordable agreed cost and timeline;
  • Enhance the Customer Satisfaction up to 100% by minimizing the number of errors and mistakes, and strive for zero defects and customer complaints;
  • Ensure continual improvement in performance of service quality and delivery times;
  • Ensure the hiring of professional personnel, subcontractors and freelancers that have the required qualification and experience in order to ensure high quality services being provided to clients;
  • Keep employees, subcontractors and freelancers informed and updated about the most recent developments in the industry through appropriate training;
  • Supervise and monitor outsourcing of services according to the laid down and accepted standards; and
  • Track the implementation and adherence of the company’s quality-related policies.

How do we achieve our quality objectives?

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Adherence to defined processes

All project instructions and client processes are observed in each stage of the project. Checks are performed by the compliance team to ensure that all processes are followed thoroughly from start to finish.

Project planning

A detailed schedule is prepared, keeping all project stages and client deadlines in mind.The schedule is closely tracked to ensure that the project progresses as planned.

Onboarding of qualified resources only

All resources are on-boarded only after they complete the selection process.The selection process is designed to test the expertise of resources in the required language, domain and content.

The right resources for projects

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The right tools for projects

The right set of tools is selected as per the specifications of the project and client. Training is given to the team working on the project, if the tool is new for them.

Revision, proofreading and quality checks on all translations and tasks

All translations are revised by an experienced linguist in the required domain and content type to ensure zero defects. All projects are quality-checked by the internal quality team, and bugs are fixed before delivery to the customer.

Clear and timely communication

Our policy to reply within 2 working hours of receiving any client mail is religiously followed. Clear, effective communication is done with our clients, emphasizing the use of written and official channels so as to avoid any misunderstanding.

Re-skilling of resources

Training sessions and refreshers are regularly given in order to upgrade and maintain the skills of PCs and PMs. Team members are trained in new technologies so that they remain current with industry requirements.

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