English to Bahasa Indonesian Translation

English to Bahasa Indonesian Translation

Created in 1945, Bahasa Indonesian is a relatively new language. Its antecedent, Malay, and its different dialects are spoken in the Indonesian archipelago. At the time of Indonesia’s creation, a need was felt to create a language that was more widely understood across the archipelago, and hence came about Bahasa Indonesian.

It is spoken by million people in Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore. The country has a growing economy. In particular, e-commerce is growing in a big way.

Indonesians are very quick in adapting to the Internet. The Indonesian Facebook community was one of the most active?? ones. They also like to navigate the world wide web in their own language. Hence, for online success in Indonesia, translation and localization is very critical.

A client came to us with a requirement of English to Bahasa Indonesian translation. There were certain challenges involved in the project, which we were able to resolve with careful planning and execution.

The client required us to deliver 200,000 words in 4 weeks. It was marketing content and required a high level of quality in the translation.

We had to recruit a qualified and highly experienced team of linguists who have had the relevant experience working from English to Bahasa Indonesian in the marketing domain. The content would be split up among the linguists so that work could go faster.

The client required us to follow a consistent style. So, we had to make sure that all the linguists were keenly aware of the style and were following them.

Then, as the files were split up into many parts, it called for efficient project management skills, too. Our project managers had to be on top of the progress status of different linguists. We had to make sure everyone was working according to the schedule and would be able to deliver on the appointed day.

At Braahmam, we take pride in our work and make sure each project is executed to the client’s satisfaction. With this particular project of translating from English to Bahasa Indonesian, we could successfully deliver it because of the below steps we took:

1. We planned meticulously every step of the journey. This helped us identify the number and types of resources we need, the tech solutions we needed to deploy, the right project managers to allocate to this project, and so on.

2. Once we had the plan in place, we had to execute the project according to the plan.

3. Thanks to our tech infrastructure, we used the right tools that helped us use multiple linguists on the project. We managed the versions without a hitch and didn’t introduce any new errors.

4. Quality was constantly checked by a separate team of linguists. We would send the file to the client in batches to get their feedback. This way, there were no surprises to the client, and we were also able to deliver the project and meet the client’s expectations.

We delivered the translation of 200,000 words on schedule. The client was impressed not only with our turnaround time, but also with the quality of the work. As a result, the client is now a regular with us.

We interacted regularly and clearly with the client. This assured client of transparency in the project and built trust in the relationship.

The client received the work in batches from us. They were able to confirm quality at every stage of the project. Their feedback also helped us do any course corrections as required.

Because of the timely delivery of the project, the client was able to go ahead with their internal project deliveries, as they had planned.

We continued to learn from the execution and delivery of this project. We will continue to implement our learnings in future projects with the client.

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