English to Spanish Website localization for vSpeeq

English to Spanish Website localization for vSpeeq

vSpeeq provides services of online remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) in various languages for virtual events and meetings, on multiple platforms like zoom. With a growing number of Spanish-speaking customers, they wanted to translate its website into Spanish to better serve the audience.  

  • In this case, the client wanted to translate their English website (https://vspeeq.com)into Spanish (Spain) in a cost-effective and efficient manner without sacrificing the quality of the content.
  • Only the customer-centric, sales focused, and post login pages had to be translated.
  • The website has few images to be localized, primarily for desktop/ laptop and mobile.  
  • Integrating the JavaScript snippet into the website for publishing the translated version was another concern which needed education and awareness, as the customer was not sure on the security of confidential data dynamically visible on post-login pages.  
  • We assigned this project to one of our project managers (PM) having wide experience in handling website localization projects for different industry domains.  
  • The project manager with technical expert had several calls with the client to educate about the working methodology of our cutting-edge platform and the update required in the website elements, before the content discovery and crawling process, and to make sure it works within the scope of international data privacy norms.    
  • We also advised the client to share a test user profile for content discovery and crawling the content of post login pages.  
  • With the client, we agreed on a project planner with clarity of roles and expected outcome(s). The client confirmed us with the complete understanding and gave us a go-ahead.  
  • Once the client confirmed the recommended changes to the website, the discovery and crawling process began, with the inclusion and exclusion rules applied to the platform.
  • The custom verification per industry-level best practices was then run to ensure all necessary content was captured in the project.  
  • All the source content was then pre-translated using one of the machine translation engines (MT) available on the platform.  
  • The translated content was then post-edited and revised by high-ranked linguists, on boarded by the vendor management team based on the critical parameters of this project.
  • We also performed additional rounds of revision with other linguists and ran the technical QA checks at every stage of the project to ensure the quality of the translation.
  • Simultaneously, our team also worked on the image localization (DTPed) for all the device types, which was primarily focused on desktop/ laptop and mobile.  
  • With extensive activity detailing at the final stage, we were able to rectify the issues related to Layout checks and fixes for all device types, as a part of the standard LSO process.  
  • We supported the client with the JavaScript integration setup with corporate site and further support when needed.  

  • The benefits of this cost-effective website translation solution were significant, helping the client reach a wider audience and better serve its Spanish-speaking customers.  
  • This translated version of the website is also helping them as a sales tool to further increase revenue and growth.
  • Through this engaging process, the client now also has gained awareness of things to check while planning for website translation in the future.    

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