Localization for Spiritual Organization

Localization for Spiritual Organization

Our client is a non-profit, spiritual organization working towards raising human consciousness and fostering global harmony through individual transformation. They wanted the blogs, website, mobile App, and videos of the spiritual guru translated and localized into seven languages – Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese. The original videos were in English, and therefore they wanted people in different parts of the world to also take advantage of the teachings in their own language.

We did translations of their blogs, website, and App. We also did end-to-end localization of videos including creative translations to convey their message appropriately along with dubbing and video editing. The content of blogs and videos varied from yoga, meditation and spirituality, to health and wellbeing.

Tools/Technologies Used:

  • Transifex
  • Smartcat
  • Adobe Premiere

  • Translating the text creatively such that the humor and meaning in the source text are conveyed appropriately in the target languages;
  • Translating dubbing content keeping in mind the length restriction so that the meaning is conveyed while taking care of the syncing requirements;
  • Dubbing on the original videos keeping in mind that the modulation and pause are similar to the original video voice.
  • Used linguists experienced in translating creative and spiritual content for translation of blogs, mobile App, website, and videos while maintaining the tone and meaning;
  • Translated on-screen text and implemented it in the localized videos;
  • Implemented technological solution to automatically restrict the character limit of the voice-over translations so that they sync with the videos accurately;
  • Used experienced dubbing artists who are experts in modulating the voice as per the source voice so that the listeners connect well with the Guru;
  • Edited the videos to overlay the dubbed voice-over over the original English one with perfect syncing;
  • Changed the orientation of Arabic videos from right to left and appropriately changed the translation of navigation.
  • They could make the content in textual and video format available worldwide to the people who wanted to access the Guru’s teachings.
  • The localized videos helped people connect well with the Guru and gain enlightment in their own language.
  • The people could access the translated and localized content in their own language at the click of the button using Mobile Apps and website.

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