Localization Services for Airline: Translation, Editing and Proofreading of Food Menu

Localization Services for Airline: Translation, Editing and Proofreading of Food Menu

We received food and beverage menu content for translation from US English to Hindi from a large European airline. Part of the content consisted of a list of wines from various countries, which needed some good research from our linguists.

The following challenges needed to be considered during the execution of this project:

  • The client requested that only one translator and one reviewer be employed to ensure uniformity of translation style.
  • We used the Memsource tool, and selected linguists who had good expertise with it.
  • The one qualified translator and one qualified reviewer needed to have experience in and knowledge of food and beverage content, so as to provide us with a high-quality job.
  • The wine names brought a large challenge because they each required research to translate them accurately.
  • There were also many important instructions which needed extra care, such as:
  1. Non-breakable spaces between words that must appear together in the printed menu (i.e. foie gras, etc)
  2. Line breaks and end-of-line spaces that needed to be respected
  3. Words and expressions in bold that were not to be translated

We created a plan for the project before it started. This is how we set about it:

  • As is our usual practice, we held a kick-off meeting before starting the project with all stakeholders.
  • From our banks of linguists, we selected one qualified translator and one qualified reviewer who were acquainted with the field and the content type, and could produce high-quality work.
  • Before beginning work on the task, we got the customer’s approval of the linguists.
  • The terms and style guidelines from the client emphasized the elements that needed to be closely watched in order to ensure the quality of the content and to match the intended audience.
  • The linguists were given the same instructions and guidelines to follow when working on the project.
  • We conducted periodic partial internal QA assessments to ensure that criteria were met and consistency was maintained.

We completed this important project on time and with high quality, despite the tight deadline.

  • The client was very pleased with the rapid turnaround we achieved without sacrificing quality.
  • We followed all of the standards that were demanded by the client.
  • Our client continues to regularly receive jobs in this language combination from their end customer, which they then assign to us.
  • As a result of our excellent service, we are now receiving four more languages from this account. Their increased trust has led to increased business.

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