MTPE Project for Data Privacy Content

MTPE Project for Data Privacy Content

Machine translation post-editing (MTPE) blends human translation accuracy with machine translation speed. Professional editors analyse machine-translated content and translation memory matches to ensure high-quality work.

Our client needed us to work on a crucial project regarding Data Privacy content.

Project Summary

  • Service name: MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing).
  • Language Pair: English to Sinhalese, Tagalog, Indonesia and English IN.
  • Industry: Data Security.

About the company—what were their requirements and why?

We have been working with this client for a long time, and we are entrusted with their top-priority projects and content. This was a product that had sold in many countries, and data privacy is essential to them.

This client also deals with Medical, Legal and Marketing projects on which we collaborate as well.

Therefore, both privacy and translation quality are critical to their needs.

The client has a new tool which we must learn and work with

Quality must be 100% for this project. The client has made it very clear that there is no room for even a single issue in any file.

This presents challenges not only in terms of recruiting the right linguists with a suitable profile, but also ensuring that quality will be maintained when working across a team of linguists.

Source files have some legacy content which needs to be verified with offline files

We faced an issue with legacy content. This proved difficult to sort out as many files were offline, and needed to be matched manually. 

We suggested to the client that they import the legacy content into the tool, making it easier and more efficient for our linguist to check and follow.

There is no room for a single issue because of the data privacy content

For to do this, we must ensure that the translation is of the highest quality. We performed LQAs at the start to assess the quality of the linguists, which we then fed back to the linguists. We also requested that internal checks be performed on the instructions and any other issues that were discovered.

Short and strict deadline for each and every project

We have a short deadline for the multiple projects we get on a regular basis. Therefore, we have created a pool of good resources, and we have a call with them at the start of each project and answer any queries before proceeding with the projects. This saves valuable time during the project. We have even put some linguists on standby, so that if we face any issue with the linguists working on the project, we can move to other linguists with no delay.

We created a comprehensive plan for the project before it started:

  • We tested the linguists internally to check their understanding and quality.
  • We had a discussion with the client to learn how to work on their new tool.
  • After clarifying everything, we gave training to all our linguists in the tool.
  • We instructed our QA team to do a comparative check between the initial file and the delivered file from the linguist so that we may examine the differences.
  • We provided feedback to the linguists, which we captured in our internal QA check for future improvement.
  • The client appreciated all our efforts for timely and quality delivery.
  • They gave us positive feedback that we followed their instructions and provided solutions for them.
  • The client was very happy to have partners like us, and will give us more challenging projects, which will increase business for them and for us as well.
  • This is now a regular project and the client continues to be very happy with our output.

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