Social Media EN-US Proofreading Project for MT Output

Social Media EN-US Proofreading Project for MT Output

Proofreading is the process of scrutinising a text for spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation faults, typos, and other unintentional errors. Style, tone of voice, and information flow are unimportant in this case because the task concentrates on the text's validity.

Our client required to work on a very crustal project for a social media platform.

  • This is our end costumer, so the costumer has very less information about the process.
  • Content will be publishing live social media platform.
  • There is no scope for single issue in this.
  • Video should be checked very closely and linguist must be very good at Knowledge.
  • Short and strict deadline for each and every lot.

We have to deliver 100% quality in this project, as it's already communicated that we do not have scope for single issue in any file.

This presented challenges not only in terms of recruiting the right linguists with a suitable profile, but also ensuring that quality would be maintained even when working with multiple linguists.

A solid tech infrastructure would need to be in place to work on this project. After our linguist check, QA should be performed properly to check for all videos by listening to and comparing the file.

We set about creating a plan for the project before it started. This is how we did it:

  • We have done some tests for the linguists internally to check their understanding and quality.
  • We have instructed our QA team to do a comparative check with the initial file and the delivered file from the linguist so that we may examine the differences.
  • We also checked the file on several platforms to ensure the quality of the MT result.
  • Provide feedback to linguists, which we capture in our internal QA check for future improvement
  • The client appreciated for all our effort for timely and quality delivery.
  • Client also shared his experience to his other partners, and we are getting work from them as well.
  • The costumer gave us feedback that he will share more work with us as he really had a good experience with the quality, and he was able to deliver this to his client before the deadline.
  • They very happy to have a partner like us, so he can give us more challenging projects which will increase more business for them and for us as well.
  • Costumer getting regular volume in this task.

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