TEP for Patients Portal - 6 Languages

TEP for Patients Portal - 6 Languages

Working in general, localization is becoming a day to-day work. This time we got a new project for TEP of the Patient Portal Appin 6 languages (German (Germany), Romanian, Portuguese (Portugal), Polish, Arabic (MSA), Urdu-PK). There are 4 European languages in this project, which gave us a good challenge and experience too. This is the very crucial project for us as we have multiple challenges to be faced within this project like working with linguists having different time zones, timely delivery, maintaining ISO benchmarks, preparation of Glossary and TM for our client.

  • The client required us to deliver 17,000 words (Consolidated for 6 Languages) in 3 days. The translation was from English to Germany (German), Polish, Portuguese (Portuguese), Romanian, Arabic, Urdu-pk. The content was in the domain of Medical/Software UI (A patient App).
  • The volume of the project would mean we need to maintain the quality work and use the correct terminology in the entire project. Therefore, we need to make sure the text is culturally appropriate in translation.
  • This presented challenges not only in terms of recruiting the right linguists with a suitable profile, but also ensuring that quality would be maintained.
  • There were multiple instructions to be followed and the same to be followed by linguists. The major challenge in this project we have faced is the different time zone of the linguists.
  • As we are working for our Enterprise customer, who is not aware of the localization process. We explained each step to the client and shared the job access in our Business Manager and Smartcat tool.
  • A solid tech infrastructure would need to be in place to work on this project. QA should be done properly to check if all the instructions are followed and consistency is maintained.

We set about creating a plan for the project before it started. This is how we did it:

  • We had a kick-off meeting before the starting of the project.
  • We on-boarded resource who had good experience of translating this type of Medical and Software content from English to Germany (German), Polish, Portuguese (Portuguese), Romanian, Arabic, Urdu-pk. We checked linguist profile and past working feedback with us.
  • We worked on the project using Smartcat tool so that consistency could be maintained.
  • First, we have prepared the Glossary (with T+P), then we have applied it into our Smartcat job created for this project.
  • Our QA team, and linguists, make sure that Terminology is followed properly.
  • We involved an experience reviewer so that consistency is maintained.
  • We shared the same instructions /guidelines to linguists which they needed to follow while working on the project. This guideline stressed on points that they need to take care for better quality, looking into the content and target audience.
  • Our QA team checked the files carefully along with the X-bench report.
  • In this way, we are successfully able to execute the TEP process in this project.

We handled a critical project with quality output and within a short deadline. We have not received any quality feedback from client.

  • The client was happy with quick time delivery without affecting the quality.
  • We followed all the instructions mentioned and with consistency.
  • Moving forward, clients will be happy to share such large volume projects with us.

Going forward, we are confident of executing such large projects in short deadline.

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