Training Videos Enhanced by Synthetic Voices

Training Videos Enhanced by Synthetic Voices

Our customer, a leading Salesforce consulting company, creates a range of training videos which show a variety of integrations, different features and advanced capabilities of the applications. To give their videos and even more professional edge, they wanted to include voice-overs in US English.

When using traditional voiceover actors, time is often spent waiting for artists’ and studio availability. This leads to delays in recording and therefore in video production

Very often, when a product or app is changed or updated, the accompanying video needs to be changed too. One-off VO recordings by actors delay the process and can be very costly

Re-recording parts of a script on a different day in a different environment can lead to inconsistent voice quality

After recording, a lot of engineering effort was going into preparing the final videos

Readily available voice samples could be chosen at the start, meaning recording could begin as soon as the script was ready

It was possible to turn around change requests quickly without having to depend on the artist or studio, and without any extra cost of studio booking

The voice quality was always consistent, and the pronunciation was as accurate as if it had been recorded by a human

The customer provided us with the transcript and Braahmam did the recording and delivered the final videos after embedding the VO in the videos and after QA checks

Reduced Time-to-Market: Quick turnaround and high quality helped the customer reach the market faster and close sales deals quicker

Savings: Customer saved about 80% of the cost of VO recordings and developing final videos

Convenience: the entire process from start to finish was handled by Braahmam, thus saving time and effort at the customer’s end

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