Transcription and Translation from Kannada to Swahili (Complete package project)

Transcription and Translation from Kannada to Swahili (Complete package project)

Transcription refers to the process of conversion from voice (audio/video) or un-editable documents into written form in the same language. 

The primary difference between translation and transcription is that translation involves converting material into another language, while transcription involves only the source language. Additionally, translation is often far more complex than transcription. With translation, the translator isn’t just writing exactly what’s shared in source. Instead, they must take that information and determine how to express the precise sentiment of market, culture and locale using target language. Let’s begin for the challenges and the solution in this project.

  • Transcription should be correct other wise the whole task will go wrong in all steps.
  • Kannada and Swahili text should be match
  • Challenge in audio syncing.
  • English backtranslation should be sync with Swahili audio

The client required us to deliver entire Transcription and Translation package within 15 days from Kannada to Swahili. 

This presented challenges not only in terms of recruiting the right linguists with a suitable profile but also ensuring that quality would be maintained even when working with multiple linguists. There were multiple instructions to be followed and same to be followed by each linguist.

A solid tech infrastructure would need to be in place to work on this project. QA should be done properly to check if all the files are in correct file format.

We set about creating a plan for the project before it started. This is how we did it:

  • For transcription step we 2 resources in get it checked twice with both the linguists
  • We have done Back translation for Swahili text and ask our Kannada linguist to verify that translation of the Swahili text is correct and covey the same meaning or not.
  • We have instructed to our Kannada linguist that he need to provide translation in SRT file so it will help us to understand for syncing the audio.
  • As we created English SRT file with time codes so it’s easy to sync it with the audio.
  • Client was happy with our quick time delivery without affecting the quality.
  • Client also shared his experience to his other partners and we are getting work from them as well.
  • Costumer gave us feedback that they will be getting more work which they will share with us as they were able to deliver this to their client before deadline with quality.

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