Voice Over Recording from Automation and Embedding in Video

Voice Over Recording from Automation and Embedding in Video

Automated voice over has its own challenges; however, there is a growing demand among customers these days for this service. Customers are looking for more cost-effective voice over solutions for their training, induction videos etc. and at the same time, their expectation of quality can’t be neglected.

In this case study, we shall discuss about a project where we used automated voice over for a video and at the same time met quality expectations of the customer.

The customer had a training video in English-India language, and they wanted us to replace the audio with English-UK for their UK customers without losing the essence of the video.

  • The customer had a limited budget for this project.
  • They wanted the voice-over embedded in the video in quick turn-around time with good quality.
  • Video shared by the customer already had a recording with some other human voice, so it’s very difficult to sync the same script in the same time frame.
  • The automated voice was shorter than the original video length, and we had to sync with the video time.
  • Automated voice samples were shared with the customer, and they wanted us to record the transcript with the automated voice, which they selected from our voice automation service.
  • We got the script checked by a native editor and brought few errors related to grammar, accuracy etc. to the notice of the customer and rectified them in the final.
  • Once the transcript was final, we used the automated voice selected by the customer for voice over recording.
  • Once the recording was done, we got it checked by a native editor to check if the pronunciation was correct as per the target audience.
  • After necessary checks were done, and we embedded the audio into the video and made necessary edits in the video to sync the audio.
  • The final video was delivered to the customer along the final transcript.
  • The customer got good quality files with a low budget.
  • Got the project delivered within a very short period of time.
  • Got the option to choose a voice of their choice before the start of the project.
  • Had visibility about each step of the project.

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