Web and Mobile App TEP Project in Multiple Languages

Web and Mobile App TEP Project in Multiple Languages

General localization is an everyday task. But our endeavors take an interesting turn with this project – Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP) spanning multiple languages focused on the translation of web and mobile applications, which adds an extra layer of complexity.

Braahmam, with its extensive experience, has successfully translated countless words for this client from English into various Asian and Indian languages. While translating their content is undeniably enjoyable, it presents unique challenges. Translators walk a fine line, creatively adapting expressions and ensuring the translated content mirrors the spirit and tone of the original. This process demands a blend of translation and transliteration skills to deliver high-quality localized content that resonates with users.

As a recurring project, maintaining consistent quality and adherence to the correct terminology is paramount. The content is Web App/Software UI, making it essential to ensure cultural appropriateness, and demanding a passing score requirement of 98+. The challenges lie not only in recruiting linguists with the right profile, but also in ensuring their daily availability.

Working for a Platinum customer well-versed in the localization process adds an extra layer of accountability. Clear communication, adherence to client guidelines, and efficient use of tools are imperative. A robust tech infrastructure is crucial for seamless project execution, and rigorous QA processes are essential to ensure consistency.

To tackle these challenges, we devised a comprehensive plan and daily schedule:

  • Conducted a kick-off meeting before project initiation.
  • Onboarded experienced resources familiar with translating Web App/Software UI content, using their profile and previous feedback as a guide.
  • Utilized translation tools for consistency.
  • Implemented a robust QA process, including terminology checks.
  • Engaged experienced reviewers for quality and consistency.
  • Shared detailed instructions/guidelines with linguists for better quality aligned with the target audience.
  • Carefully checked files along with X-bench reports.

Our strategic approach resulted in successful TEP execution, providing quality output within short deadlines on a daily basis. Key achievements include:

  • Client satisfaction with timely delivery without compromising quality.
  • Adherence to all instructions and maintaining consistency throughout the project.
  • Confidence in handling future large-volume projects.

Looking ahead, we are set up to confidently tackle similar large-scale projects with short deadlines, ensuring regular, successful deliveries for our valued client.

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