Braahmam Internship Program

The Braahmam Internship Program has been designed to provide a real opportunity for students to work with a dynamic and multicultural team and acquire the necessary skills to work in the global and competitive sector of Translation and Localization services.

If you are fascinated by the intricate world of languages and cultural diversity, please
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Braahmam Internship Centre

Details of the Braahmam Internship Program

The Braahmam Internship Program includes

  1. On-campus internship program for students across continents including group assignments
  2. Off-campus internships in our offices in Dublin (Ireland), or Bhubaneswar (India).

Students from Europe and North America can attend the Dublin office, and students from the Indian subcontinent can opt for Bhubaneswar for their off-campus Internship Programs.

Who are the ideal candidates for the Braahmam Internship Program?

The Braahmam Internship Program is addressed to students

  1. Currently attending college or university or recently graduated
  2. Who have studied linguistics, applied language and translation studies
  3. With good computer skills and knowledge of MS Windows and MS Office
  4. With a basic understanding of CAT tools
  5. With a passion for languages and cultures
  6. With a positive and curious attitude
  7. With strong communication skills

What is on offer for the students participating to the Internship Program?

  1. An opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired through classroom learning in a real work environment by working on live projects (involving various pre-production, production and post-production activities)
  2. An opportunity to work with one of the fastest-growing localization companies in the world and acquire skills that are in high demand by employers
  3. An opportunity to get permanent employment based on your performance during your Internship
  4. Work experience directly related to industry requirements, technologies, processes and best practices
  5. Eligibility for a Stipend during the Internship
  6. Certification issued by Braahmam after successful completion of Internship
If you are passionate about languages and cultures, eager to learn the necessary skills to work in the Translation and Localization industry and ready to experience first-hand the processes involved in this sector, the Braahmam Internship Program is the perfect platform to further your career.

For more information or to apply, click this link.

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