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Bimal Rath
Board Of Director

Neeraj N Mathur
Board Of Director

Biraj Rath
Chief Executive Officer

His personal passion is around helping develop leaders and in creating environments where communication is free, fearless and value-adding. To this end he supports companies in the digital, content and people development space in various capacities.

Prior to his recent ventures, Bimal had over two and a half decades of experience across different industries and geographies; including the USA, Middle East, Africa and APAC. His latest corporate position was as HR Director for Nokia-Asia Pacific, supporting the massive growth for the company.

Bimal’s experience has involved different areas in Strategy and HR. These include building & maturing management teams, M&A integration, HR system & process implementation, large scale change interventions and setting up high performing factories & R&D centers. Bimal has been supporting several NGOs over time and does pro-bono work with several non-government organizations—which often involves advice on governance and funding. He is also involved as an executive coach with the Center for Creative Leadership in the US, a nonprofit leadership development institution; as well as with Duke Corporate Education as an educator. He sits on the boards of several small to mid-size young entrepreneurial companies.