August 26, 2021
Biraj Rath and Erwan de Kerautem

Automated Transcription and Subtitling for Social Media Video Content

Would you like to automate subtitling for your social media video content? Want to scale your business and increase customer engagement? Is your audience scattered across the globe? We have the answer for your business! You’ll never have to worry about delays in generating subtitles and transcripts again! Our webinar will focus on three subjects: Setting up an account, workflow, and encoding automation based on the client's needs. Describing how to optimize the automation of multilingual broadcasting of video content on social media and video streaming platforms using a mix of AI and manual quality-check before publishing. Automating post-production by creating formats in advance. For instance, credits, presentations, etc. (signature of the company) can be preset and applied to every video.

Unlock global markets with multilingual communication.  

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