6 Industries Who Greatly Benefit from Language Services
May 17, 2023

6 Industries Who Greatly Benefit from Language Services

Translation services are becoming more frequently used in industries around the world since global communication has become a normality. Translation services are necessary for the translation of documents and interpreting speech, audio, for video translation as well as video localization.

The top six industries who benefit from translation services around the world are;

  1. The Technology Industry
  2. Education & Training
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Tourism & Travel
  5. Health & Medicine
  6. Art & Entertainment

1. The Tech Industry

In the last five years the technology industry has seen a great deal of growth on the global market. As 70% of the industries revenue is generated outside of the USA companies deal with various markets who do not operate in the English language.

The world’s top 10 tech companies originate from different countries so in order for them to communicate with business partners and potential clients they need to be able to communicate in the same language of the person they are meeting with. This is where translation services come into use whether it may be for interpreting a meeting or to translate an audio file to the necessary language.

In the tech industry translation services are very beneficial for securing business deals and gaining new clients.

As the majority of people have a smart phone now a days it is important for mobile apps to be available in multiple languages. Mobile apps should be available in the language of the user to allow for ease of access. For this reason mobile apps can be localized regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS.

2. Education & Training

Learning online is becoming more accessible with the internet and online courses. Nowadays companies have offices located around the world so training videos and company policies need to be made available in the local language.

To assist learners in getting the education they need to advance in their career, translators have translated; books, exam papers, paperwork/documents, websites, phone apps, online courses and multiple different software’s.

For example: Large multinational companies in Ireland have their training videos available in multiple languages as employees may speak more than on language and they feel more confident taking the class in their native mother tongue.

3. Banking and Finance

As banks hold the money of people and business from around the world, they must be prepared to make their clients feel comfortable. A good way of doing this is being able to communicate in the client’s language. This allows for effective and clear communication which will benefit the bank and may assist them in achieving a good level of consistency. If the bank or financial institutes documents, form, transactions, web services, customer service etc. are all available in different languages this help meets the expectations of their clients and assists in strengthening the business relationship.

Having a professional language solutions provider as part of the team helps the bank in reaching out to international clients and allows for their business to be advertised worldwide.

4. Tourism & Travel

Translation has become a key element in the travel and tourism industries in recent years with a significant increase in the amount of people travelling abroad.

It is important for countries who would like more holiday makers and business travellers travelling to their country they need to advertise themselves in an attractive fashion in order to gain attention. In order to convince people to travel to said country an excellent level of the language is required to help in the persuasion process.

Things which need to be translated in the travel and tourism industries are; brochures, websites, documents, contracts and various other legal documents. If a foreigner were to read these it is important for there to be no misspelling and for what is being said to read correctly as it would be unprofessional if not.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a huge impact on the tourism and travel industries. People can no longer go about their business as they could before. Many of us are finding ourselves staying at home more often, not going on vacation and travelling for work has become less common due to restrictions and the fear of catching the virus. However, language services have allowed us to experience parts of the world we may not have before and all from our own home. As many websites can be translated to your chosen language it is now becoming easier to browse websites.

As well as this, a lot of people are away from home and their loved ones during this time as they are unable to travel. In this case language services can assist them in learning the language of the country where they are living if they do not already know it or just want to practice and improve their skills.

5. Health & Medicine

Translation, interpretation and transcription are all invaluable services in the healthcare and medical industries. These services are required due to the healthcare and medical industries being global industries.

In medicine these language services are important for translation things like dosages, information booklets for medicines and other instructions.

Likewise, in the healthcare industries language services are highly important for translating patient notes and interpreting. Interpreting has become a more demanded service especially in cases where a traveller has to hospitalised in a foreign country. In Europe many holiday makers from Ireland and the UK request an interpreter as they do not speak the same language as the doctor.

6. Art & Entertainment

Art and entertainment generates in excess of $100billion in revenue per year. It is believed that this would not be possible without language services. Huge amounts of audio-visual content require dubbing or subtitles to help the pieces appeal to both a national and international audience.

Large streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix have the majority of their TV shows and movies available in various languages. Popular TV series such as La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) gained international success due to the number of languages it was available in with both subtitles or dubbing depending on the viewers preference. This is extremely important and beneficial to these industries and it allows for the pieces to reach a larger audience.

Many video games and mobile phone apps have native localisation to allow them be used and enjoyed worldwide. In the digital era the arts and entertainment era has boomed as streaming content has become common practice for the majority of people.

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