How Digital Localized Content is the Future of Business
May 28, 2024

How Digital Localized Content is the Future of Business

In today’s business world, localizing digital content has proven instrumental for succeeding in the global market. As such, content professionals worldwide must explain to executives and stakeholders what the potential impact and ROI of localizing their content can be.

The cost of website translation services and professional website translation services can also often seem off-putting for those in charge. It is important to understand the role localization can play in developing a digital content strategy for the global market. Companies that exclusively focus on English speaking customers are missing out on a huge amount of revenue.

For your content to appeal to an international audience, translating text may not be enough anymore either. Multimedia content can be instrumental in appealing to today’s consumers, and localizing this content is key in appealing to your consumers in a specific way. This, however, throws up many other issues, such as translating audio from a video, adding subtitles to your video, translating video audio to subtitles, etc. Video and audio translation services can help, but planning is essential to plan for these issues. JavaScript and Flash elements in your website may also need localization, creating additional challenges.

As a result, it is easy to see why localizing digital content is essential for any business if they intend to enter the global market. The following will examine some of the main reasons why any business needs digital content localization.

  • Why is it necessary?

A failure in realizing the need to localize website content can lead to a dramatic loss in revenue each year. For this reason, a proper content localization strategy is instrumental for businesses that wish to compete in the global market.

  • Localization makes your content culturally relevant.

Cultures are very different from one another. While something may be completely innocent to say in one culture, it may not be the same for another. As such, localized content can avoid confusion and embarrassing situations. When your customers think you understand their needs, they are much more likely to return. There is a disconnect between consumer and provider if the content in question is not localized, even if it doesn’t offend anyone. In addition, depending on the culture in question, if your company does something which they find extremely offensive, your company could face serious problems. Don’t let this be you!

  • Building trust

If you take the time to localize and translate your website, the consumer understands that you are committed to them and want to ensure that your message is conveyed clearly. Human nature wants to know and trust the person you are purchasing your goods from, and localizing your content can aid you in building the trust you need to see the results you want.

  • Forging genuine connections

One of the key areas of doing business is the relationships you create with your customers. Forging these connections online and through website content can be a major challenge for many companies, and this issue is only compounded if you are not speaking the same language. If a customer visits your website and it isn’t in their native language, this creates an immediate roadblock between you and them. It may make them think twice about whether they want to do business with you. Taking the time and resources to localize your content is important and particularly useful in creating a connection with your customers that speak another language.


In addition, the amount of traffic to your social media pages will also diminish if the viewer cannot understand the content posted there. Digital content localization of posts, videos, and other similar material is essential when trying to establish a global following.

  • Making your site effective for every market

Missing out on thousands of potential customers is not something most businesses will actively want. If your company sells a ready product for the global market, don’t limit yourself to local clients. The reach of today’s digital platforms means that anyone can target lucrative international markets. Digital content localization can make sure that your company meets its intended results.

Having examined why content localization can impact your business operations in a big way, the following will identify some ways in which content teams can become more digitally savvy when looking at measuring the impact localized content has on business operations.

  • Don’t rely on traditional localization metrics.

Traditionally some content teams may struggle with analyzing performance data. Instead of looking at linguistic key performance indicators, they are often much more concerned with how the customer responds to the content. Global digital content is a key component of the customer experience, and as such, the corresponding strategy must be driven by the customer and not the company’s internal goals.

  • Having a fresh mindset.

To accurately measure the impact of localized digital content, businesses must change their thinking and get on board with the digital transformation happening in the market. This is essential to analyze the data coming from these processes and helps everyone succeed in this new environment.

  • Ensure a central approach.

While many international companies are fragmented globally, a centralized approach to localization can greatly benefit them. Using tools such as content management systems and translation management systems in a centralized manner can ensure that managing multiple language variants for your websites can be managed more easily, and the data can be collected in a streamlined fashion.

While it may seem daunting, implementing a localization strategy can be instrumental in driving your business towards becoming a player in the global market. Localization is becoming more prevalent in the industry as the digital revolution is making its impact felt. In this new digital era, content localization greatly impacts business operations by creating relevance in the consumer’s eyes, strengthening bonds and brand loyalty, making it an invaluable tool for the creation of revenue.

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