Visit us at tcwolrd India 2019 in Bangalore
May 17, 2023

Visit us at tcwolrd India 2019 in Bangalore

Visit tcworld India to experience top tier workshops and presentations from across the world. The event is being held from 28th of February to 1st March, 2019 at the TAJ, M.G. Road, Bangalore. Braahmam is the official gold sponsor of the entire majestic event. With two days of extravagant exposure to international speakers and skilled personnel, you will get to know all about the ongoing trends and solutions being brought to light in the technology sector. Come and join us at our booth for the exhibition along with our exclusive partner, Smartcat.

Get to hear all about Integrating Documentation and Translation Automation Systems in a License Free Environment first hand from Biraj Rath, CEO of Braahmam along with Smartcat’s Chief Partner Officer, Tolga Secilmis. Essentially, we will be focusing on creating a successful target to build products and services meant to cope with different cultures, standards, demographics, and regulations. The entire event will be focusing on the influence of different industry conferences surrounding technical communication in India. Connect with professionals and specialists from a varied field of interests within the industry. There will be workshops and presentations focusing on leadership and career development choices. Along with that, the massive event will also focus on tools and technologies used in the industrial sector topped by the trends and solutions for next-gen content.

Tc world INDIA

Visit the Smartcat and Braahmam Partner Day following the presentation of our workshop. tcworld 2019 will gather over 300 technical communicators along with editors, managers, and different language professionals from all over the nation. Creating global targets is essential and with it comes the question of adapting content to deal with the international market. There are many languages within a local market. Braahmam takes pride in helping ventures to adapt graphics, colors, currencies, and formats according to requirements. Furthermore, this helps in the localization of the service or product within a specific area for better promotion. Experience the true bliss of learning from the best in the industry.

Dive into the emerging trends, technologies and top-tier solution-gathering techniques to improve in the technical communication sector. Get to connect with different business professionals and make essential networks. Listen to the world’s leading experts who will help you grow and learn through your work sphere. Connect with different suppliers to enhance your business’s growth with particular solutions made just for you. Learn different skills and trends essential for keeping up with the ever-changing world and paint a distinct future. Adapting to the current state of the industry is essential for the success of businesses. Get all the information about the revolutionary phases of business and development. Experience the stage filled with technical communicators here to help you.

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