Why Choose Cloud-Based Audio Video Localization Solution from Braahmam + MediaWen
June 3, 2024

Why Choose Cloud-Based Audio Video Localization Solution from Braahmam + MediaWen

The widespread use of mobile phones and better and cheaper data have brought many a change to our lives. One of these changes is to do with how we access information, how we learn, and how we entertain ourselves. And, video has got a lot to do with all of this.

Video permeates all of our online activity. One-third of our online time is spent watching video: whether we are comparing the specs of a mobile phone we’d like to buy, getting on a business call, or watching a fav series on a streaming platform after a long day at work.

And, we want all of this in our language. This is where transcription, subtitling, and dubbing step in. The demand for these services has stepped up as they are widely used in video conferencing, e-learning and training, entertainment and media content, video marketing, and in many other domains.

These services have gone through a sea change, in response to the changes in video production and consumption.

Changes in the audio-video localization process

The huge amounts of video being consumed has been the major driver of change in the translation process. This has meant that the earlier processes where manual work was predominant is not viable any more.

Also, given the importance and urgency that video marketing has assumed over the years, video content needs to be translated in much shorter turnaround times.

The other reality that companies have to contend with is that given the volume of localization work, its unpredictability, and immediacy, they can no longer manage it in-house. They need to work with subtitling companies who in turn tap into their vast network of linguists to get the job done. Some of this workforce may be distributed.

All of this means that the workflow as well as the supporting tech has to change to be able to support the localization process.

Enter Braahmam+MediaWen

Braahmam is a content transformation company that has been in the localization space for nearly two decades now. Our experience has given us insight into the industry’s current requirements as well as future growth trajectory. We were able to correctly understand the role that tech would play in audio-visual translation. This is why we have partnered with MediaWen, a Paris-based company that specializes in cloud-based solutions for audio and video localization.

Braahmam’s expertise in translation and post-editing of machine translation (MT) output along with MediaWen’s tech infrastructure is all you need for success in your video marketing efforts.

How it works

Our workflow is designed to deliver the quality you expect, while staying within your budget and deadline. It works like this:

  1. The MediaWen Hub is a cloud-based portal where you can upload your videos for translation. The video files can be in any format such as AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, QT, MP4, or others. The Hub becomes the home for all your video assets, which are usually very heavy and need a lot of storage space. Once uploaded, your files are safe with us as no one can download them on to their systems. The Hub’s high-capacity features make sure that anyone who wants to work on the files can access them anytime from anywhere in the world. Because the files are on the cloud, they do not need to be sent to translators, reviewers, etc. So, there is no need to manage the different versions.
  1. You can assign role-based rights as required to linguists, reviewers, and project managers. You have complete insight with the progress of the project and can view what stage the file is in and who is currently working on it.
  1. The videos are first transcribed or dubbed using the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automated transcription tool from MediaWen. Versatile dubbing options are available in the tool depending on the voice and accent required.
  1. Braahmam’s linguists then edit the transcripts in preparation for translation and quality-check the dubbing. As the accuracy is pretty high, the level of editing required is light.
  1. Next, MediaWen’s MT engines deliver subtitles in the languages of your choice. The Braahmam+MediaWen partnership can provide you translations in the major African, European, Asian, as well as Middle Eastern languages. You can also plug in the MT engine of your choice into the workflow.
  1. Braahmam’s reviewers work on the translated subtitles to catch any errors or clarify the meaning better. We always make sure our reviewers are aware of the level of quality expected, as all content does not need to have the same quality. This makes the work go faster.
  1. Whenever the editors make a change, the AI system learns and saves it in its memory. Thus it improves the quality of the output over time and brings in more savings.
  1. The final file can be delivered in the format you prefer. The subtitles, too, can be either burned into the file (open captioning) or delivered as a separate file (close captioning). If it’s e-learning content, we can export SCORM/XAPI compliant media file with hardcoded laser subtitles.

This workflow can be customized to fit your needs. So, for instance, if you would like to have the files manually transcribed, subtitled, or dubbed, it can be easily arranged. Usually, content where high quality is needed, such as in the entertainment and media domain needs to be manually translated. Such content usually needs some adaptation and not just direct translation.

Advantages of cloud-based workflow over traditional

Advantages of cloud-based workflow over traditional

How our solution can provide you the competitive edge

Firstly, as ours is a tech-based online solution, we can promise affordable translations and speed at scale. Secondly, we also provide you the human, professional touch required to deliver a premium localized video. So, you can choose to have your videos transcribed, subtitled, or dubbed in an entirely automated or manual process.

You can also choose a hybrid process, combining the strengths of both approaches. The automated transcription and captioning tools many a time serve to increase the productivity of human translators.

With multilingual video content, you will be able to make your videos accessible and reach more viewers across the globe. Thus, you meet compliance standards as well as get an advantage in your video marketing.

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