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We deliver accurate documentation with source consistency in 100+ languages!

We delight our customers through awesome content, interactivity, visual design, usability, scalable and integrated technology.

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What We Can Do For You:

  • Technical documentation is useful for your global users only when the translations are understandable, and they are consistent with the source documentation.
  • These are the common challenges most companies face when they translate their technical documents.
  • You can always trust Braahmam for translation of user manuals, technical documents, standards, safety, and compliance information or for your product’s user interface itself.

Our several years of experience in technical documentation translation/ localization and our experienced team of translators, PMs, and DTP experts we ensure:

Accurate product representation through internationalization (i18N) checks
Use of consistent terminology in translations of product UI and related documentation
Accurate translation of documentation and localization of software/final product
Effective management of existing translation-memories or translations for conveying meaningful information
Exact output of the translated/localized documentation whether print or online.

We simplify the complex processes, integrate them, and support agile workflow with continuous localization processes. We build automated workflows into the localization process thereby enabling shorter turnaround times and error-free output.

Tools we use:
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Tools we use
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Unlock global markets with multilingual communication.

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