Multilingual Mobile Apps

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Localization increased revenue from individual Apps by 26% in one month. (Distimo)

Mobile localization is not new for us, our localized Apps are available online.

Isn’t it mind-boggling! Radio could reach 50 million users in 38 years but the famous ‘Draw Something’ App could reach 50 million downloads in just 50 days.

With such popularity of mobile phones, along with English, if you localize your mobile App for non-Anglophone users, imagine sky would be the limit for you.

  • We can localize your mobile App, Irrespective of its platform – Android or iOS.
  • Our team of experienced linguists and developers know the best practices of mobile localization.
  • With appropriate translations of App name, keywords, and description, we make your App more accessible.
  • Our testing team does the icing by validating the App for technical functionality as well as user experience.