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Engage international learners with eLearning translation

eLearning through web or a mobile App has become all-pervasive. Whether it’s corporate training  or product demo videos, eLearning is relevant in these and many other scenarios.
To make eLearning relevant for global audience, it must be translated. But, learning becomes effective when translation is done correctly. You need to ensure that images, videos, graphics, and colors are culturally relevant. Any examples and role-plays are appropriately adapted to the target market.
We have experience of localizing 700+ hours of eLearning content in 100+ languages, including bi-directional languages.

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eLearning Translation

What we can do for you?

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We translate and adapt the eLearning content appropriately such that it appears written in the language of target audience.


We do end to end translation and localization of eLearning content right from translation of text, graphics, voice-over script to delivering the final translated and localized courses to you after quality checks.


We translate and localize courses developed in any platform, such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline and Lectora.                


We provide voice-over recording done at professional studios by experienced, native voice-over artists. If you have budget constraints, don’t worry – we provide synthetic voice-over with near-human recorded quality.


With growing internet connectivity, the demand for online learning comes from people who speak many languages. E-learning courses need to be translated and localized to make them relevant and accessible to your learners from all over the world. Braahmam, which started as an eLearning company, is an expert in this.


You have developed the best software for your target users, but what about your non-English speaking customers?  Are you delivering the same experience to them as your English speaking customers? Get in touch with us, we can translate, localize, test and deliver the final product to you.

What we can do for you?

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What all types of e-learningcontent that we can translate for you?

E-learning content comes in manyshapes and sizes, depending on the industry, the course content, and thelearning community. We have the tools and resources to translate majorly allcontent types that includes SCORM-compliant courses, XML-based trainingprograms, Certification programs, Classroom-based instruction material, PowerPointpresentations and webinars, Audio scripts, Video-based learning and Assessments/exams.

What all services are required to make up a complete e-learning translation for you?

What we call “e-learning translation” is not actually one service, but abouquet of multiple processes that a language service provider (LSP) bringstogether to deliver an enjoyable in-language experience. These processes are: Localization,Translation, Transcription, Subtitling, Voice overs, and Quality assessment(QA).

How e-learning translation can help businesses?

E-learning or learning through an electronic medium such as the web or a mobile app has become all-pervasive. Whether it’s training for your internal staff, or a massive online open course(MOOC) for continued education, or product demo videos, e-learning is relevant in all these and more situations. And, with growing internet connectivity and ease of penetrating into global market, the demand for online learning comesfrom people who speak many languages. E-learning courses need to be translatedand localized to make them relevant and accessible to your learners from allover the world. While translation refers to converting the text from onelanguage to another, localization refers to tailoring the training modules tothe locale of the learner.

Which industry sectors are making use of e-learning localization?

Virtual learning has foundacceptance in almost every domain and the adaptation has been seen increasingevery year. However, the major industry sectors having high demand forlocalized e-learning and mobile learning (m-learning) programs are Manufacturing;Education/ Training; Healthcare; and Banking/Financial services; but it can beimplemented by companies operating in other domains as well.

Tech. solutions for creating and delivering localized training resources?

Translation for different domains such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, and banking and financial services. It covers compliance training, completely online learning programs, and modules to support traditional learning.

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What is this service exactly?

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Services that make up eLearning translation
Services that make up eLearning translation
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Creating and delivering localized training resources with different tech solutions
Creating and delivering localized training resources with different tech solutions
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Industry sectors that make use of eLearning localization
Industry sectors that make use of eLearning localization
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Services that make up eLearning translation

What we call “eLearning translation” is not actually one service, but a bouquet of multiple processes that your language service provider (LSP) brings together to deliver an enjoyable in-language experience. These processes are:

Learners from one locale may have very specific requirements. For instance, in the Middle East, training modules must not only be translated but also every item in the module must be re-oriented right-to-left instead of left-to-right. Themes or motifs used in the narrative must be relevant in different geographies. Any examples, measurements, currencies etc. used in one language should be adapted as per the target language.
Services that make up eLearning translation
This refers to the actual conversion of text to another language. It’s however more than merely replacing words from one language with words from another. One needs to translate while maintaining the flow of the text so that it sounds natural as written in the target language. There are Computer-Assisted Transaltion (CAT) tools used that store the translations in a database called Translation memory (TM). TMs help in maintaining consistency and giving discounted rate for the text that is repeated or matches with the previously translated text.
Online training material more often than not has audio and video components. To enable their translation, the narration must first be transcribed. Transcription enhances learning and makes it accessible to the hearing impaired. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven transcription can be much faster and accurate. Sometimes, the output may need some human editing, which is called as post-editing. The AI system continually learns from such changes and this improves quality over time.
Transcripts are translated to create subtitles in the users’ languages. They may be hard-coded into the video module (open captioning) or made available as a separate file(closed captioning). Closed captioning (CC) is an option that viewers can turnoff or on as they wish. It’s usually available on online streaming courses.
Voice overs:
It is a popular choice in translating audio and video training content, especially in courses where there happens to be a lot of on-screen text. The voice over needs to match the tone, style, and production quality of the original file to make it sound authentic and engage the learner. If the original voice is conversation a land the voice over is more authoritative, it may be jarring. Once voice overs are done, developers embed the file into the module and check for quality as well as compatibility issues.
Quality Assurance (QA):
After all or any of the above services are utilized to render an eLearning course in another language, a thorough QA is done for various types of errors such as if culture-specific signs or colors have been left intact, if the voice over does not sync with the scenes, or if interactive forms may have broken because of too little space to accommodate the foreign language font.
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