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Organizations often struggle to decide when to start internationalization. Is it best to do internationalization at the end of an application development cycle or at the initial stage or run it in parallel with development? If one understands the internationalization process and its criticality to global marketing, these questions are easy to answer. The short answer is: Internationalization comes first. Everything else can come later.

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Internationalization Services

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What is internationalization?

Internationalization (I18n/ i18n)is the process of making one source code work for all languages so that it accommodates any operating system or browser language. It enables your program to be easily adapted to any region, culture, or language. I18n is about getting the finer details right and make sense, as there is no one way in which everyone in the world uses date, time, or address formats, etc.

What are the USPs of our I18n solution with Prudle Labs?

Whether it is building a localization strategy, using internationalization best practices or defining and implementing localization processes, our partnership with Prudle Labs ensures that our business-focused approach delivers great results for our clients. We provide various internationalization, localization, and translation services to ensure that global products are shipped to the market on time simultaneously in English and localized languages, with high quality and on budget.

We provide these internationalization services: Analysis of I18N source code to find all possible internationalization issues, Fix most I18N issues automatically using the Prudle I18N plugin, Review the product UI or wireframe, Provide the I18Nplan with timelines, Develop the I18N and QA checklist, Review source strings, Define I18N QA strategy, Perform internationalization testing to ensure that the product is localizable, and Provide translation in over 100 languages. See all languages supported

The internationalization module available through the collaboration of Prudle Labs and Braahmam uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) empowers it to automatically flag all types of I18n issues. This combination helps in managing locale conventions automatically, identifying false positives for fixes, give user a high degree of visibility and control for managing flags, and many more.

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What does internationalization involve?

Around the world, people have evolved their own conventions or practices to do things: whether it is how they number their streets or how they address each other. You don’t want to be a company singled out as a “foreigner”, who does not know their way about the local market. I18n is the way to get everything right. Some common factors are: a. Date/Time, b. Numbers, c. Currency, d. Mail address, e. Sort and search: Standardize the sort/ search for everyone, f. Hard-coded strings: Do not leave content in source code. Hard-coded strings should be externalized to a resource file and keys should be used in the code to avoid these issues., g. Unicode or double-byte or multi-byte character support, h. Bi-disupport or right-to-left support, i. Embedding text in image: This is a strict no-no, just as placing content in the source code is., j. GUI elements: All languages may not take up the same amount of space, whether be it because of the size of their characters or because of word length. For example, German may take up to 40% more space than English. In Indian languages, there are combination characters and these sometimes break up in the graphic user interface (GUI).The Thai language does not have separators or word delimiters.

Getting date, time, number, and mail address formats right may not sound like a big deal, but imagine an e-commerce website not being able to deliver goods to its customers, because it did not record their addresses right. Many a time, if your forms are not internationalized, the customer may not even be able to place the order. Or, if your products display their prices in the wrong formats, they may be thought to have outlandishly high prices or deemed to be too cheap, depending on which decimal indicator is used.

Your i18n manager must be able to take care of all such and other issues that may be specific to different languages.

What are the benefits of l18n?

With l18n, every new market you set the clear path for product/ service innovation, diversification, business growth and, you will also improve the brand image in the global market.

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What is internationalization
What is internationalization?
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What does internationalization involve
What does internationalization involve?
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Braahmam and Prudle Labs
I18n solution from Braahmam and Prudle Labs
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