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Mobile apps need to speak the language of the user, as they are often used in personal settings. Even enterprise apps are localized so as to reach the maximum number of users across the world. Mobile app translation enables better user experience (UX) – in fact, it is strongly recommended on app stores such as Apple’s and Google’s. These app marketplaces are available in hundreds of countries. Developers can easily take advantage of the global access these stores provide with app localization. Translating your app helps in its discovery, download, and use. It also contributes towards building a more engaged and loyal user base.

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Mobile App Translation

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What is mobile app localization?

What is mobile app localization

Mobile app localization is the process of adapting an app's user interface, functionality, app store listings, and all connected content elements that need to be localized to meet the cultural and language expectations of different geographical target markets.

What does mobile app involve?

What does mobile app involve

Mobile app localization consists of various services such as translation, localizing the code and user interface(UI), and testing for translation quality as well as functionality. However, a preliminary study of your target market is needed to understand which variant of a language is required, how users tend to use apps, the demography, and soon. Our App localization consultation team can help you understand the critical details if you are not familiar with the concept or don't have skilled resources.

How to manage the Continuous translation/ Agile localization?

Mobile App Translation

Whether you’re localizing for Android or iOS, note that mobile app content is dynamic and is sometimes updated several times a day. Hence, translation of this content is near-continuous too, or needs to be. Below are the few tips to help your product team to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted translation of the mobile app.

  • Use tech solutions to manage translation: Technologies such as plugins to connect directly to code repositories such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket OR straightforward integrations with various native SDKs such as iOS and Android Studio etc., or with app stores, make it possible to reduce manual hand-off files and many other human touchpoints, thus reducing scope for errors and speeding up work. The translations are delivered over-the-air (OTA).
  • Integrate the localization team with the app development team: If the teams are in sync from the start, they know what’s expected of each other and fully appreciate why they need to collaborate, and thus improves quality, reduces friction, and is quicker on the whole.
  • Work with the right app localization company: It must understand tech and translation to scale when required, and must have enough expertise in your domain as well as the required resources in the languages you’re looking to translate. There’s no need for you to do any heavy lifting, book a consultation with us regarding your app translation project, here.
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Supported file types and platforms?

Supported file types and platforms

Whether you are creating native Android & iOS apps, hybrid or progressive apps or even web apps, you need a centralized translation management system.  This can help control the movement of translation assets between various stakeholders, such as developers, testers, translators, project managers and so on.
Additionally, you require the right set of tools, platform and a trusted localization team who can guide you and set up the whole process to complete the app translation project and also help with constant updates. The promotion of your app on app marketplaces in the language of the user is equally important to increase the reach of your app to native users.  Keeping your risk low and security high is critical for your app development and translation project. With that said, you are in the right place as we support all popular platforms, frameworks, and file types for your app localization project. Just to name a few here: Flutter, Mendix, Xamarin, Alpha Anywhere, React Native, Sencha and so on. Some specific file formats supported are JSON, ARB, iOS .strings, and Android XML,
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Mobile App Translation Services
What is mobile app localization?
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Mobile App Translation
Continuous translation / Agile localization
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What is mobile app localization?

Mobile app localization consists of various services such as translation, localizing the code and user interface (UI), and testing. However, do a preliminary study of your target market to understand which variant of a language they may be using, how they tend to use apps in your domain, the demography, and so on. It helps in better localization.

-Translate visible as well as invisible text. This includes all the UI text, the underlying code, and any user support information such as help text. You need to research the right keywords in every locale which people may be using to look for the product/service that you offer. This process is called multilingual search engine optimization (SEO). With the release of every new update, there will be new content to be translated.
Mobile App Translation Services
-App localization services ensure that your mobile application is tailored to the user needs of a particular locale. This may include reorienting the app for right-to-left (RTL) languages, the right conventions to use in forms and fields, the right date and time formats, etc.

-Testing for translation quality as well as functionality. Linguist reviewers make sure the translation meets your standards and follows the style guide. Localization testing includes checking to see if there are any display issues and whether the app is functioning correctly on different devices, to name just a few items listed in a testing script.

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