Video Subtitling & Transcription

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Audio and video content have far greater pull in marketing than mere textual content. A strong trend in multimedia marketing is personalization and one of the ways you personalize audio and video is to translate it into the language of the viewers. Audiovisual translation is also much in demand today, thanks to the increasing popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. We provide latest technology-based solutions that are time and cost-effective.

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Video Subtitling and Transcription

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Creative and accurate adaptation of subtitles in required languages, both open and closed captioning options are available.


Eliminate engineering costs by automatically burning subtitles in videos.                        


Remove hard-coded subtitles in source video and format subtitles with different background colors, fonts type and colors.             


Delivery of subtitles in the most popular file formats                                                          


Provide automated transcription in wide number of languages, you can also view report of changes made in automated transcription after editing


Provide YouTube connector for automated transcription and subtitling of videos            

What we can do for you?

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We Keep it Simple

You do not need any special knowledge or techresources for your website translation project. Just connect to our technology byadding a small amount of code that we provide to your website. The entirewebsite translation process is easier,

Full Service - Peace of Mi

We offer full range of solutions for your website translation project, including providing solutions consultation, a fast quote, high-quality translation of text, images and video content, language review of the translated website and even end-user testing

We Support all CMS and

Whatevertechnology your website was built on—Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Webflow,Bubble, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal or from scratch—we’ve got you covered.You do not need to spend a cent on setup or internationalization, saving

In-Context Translation E

Our in-context editor makes it possible for translators, project managers, testers—and you—to preview pages as they are translated so that we can gather feedback at any time and make changes.                               

Continuous Translation

If your product, services or information changes or a page is added to your website, our change detection system flags the change, making it stress-free to manage continuously changing website content in all the translated languages.

Managed Translation

Our technology and project management solution makes the process of managing translation assets, such as translation memories and glossaries, and personnel such as approved translators, reviewers and project managers, centrally controlled,        

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What is transcription?

Video transcription is the process of capturing or converting all the audio in your video into source language text. This can be done either manually or using an automatic speech recognition tool/ technology.

What are your options for Audio and video localization?

It’s often cheaper and faster to translate videos than to create a video from scratch for a new market. You can choose from among the following options, depending on the use case, budget, and quality requirements. In some domains such as e-learning, you may use all three options in the same content.
a. Dubbing: It refers to replacing the audio track of the original footage with an audio track in the translated language. A voice actor says the lines in such a way so as to sync it with the original actors’ lip movements. Dubbing is usually a more expensive option than voice-over or subtitling, because of the level of accuracy for achieving perfect lip-sync but is preferred in some markets such as France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.
b. Voice over: In general, voice-overs are a basic narration form to convey meaning but may require creative work sometimes. Voice overs are often used in e-learning and training, advertisements and commercials, animation and broadcasting. Voice overs are also a much-used service in translating videos in the healthcare and financial services sectors.
c. Subtitling: Subtitling is the most budget-friendly and quick option in translating videos. The two most common methods of subtitling are closed and open captioning. There exists a huge variety of subtitling file formats and many of them are proprietary: Micro DVD, MPSub, SAMI, XSUB are some well-known file formats.

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What is subtitling?

Video subtitling is the process of embedding meaningful translation text in another language, of all the audio or its transcript, in your video. It’s a great way to localise a video into another language without a re-shoot of video or re-record audio.

What to keep in mind when localizing video and audio content?

Localizing is more than translation. A localized multimedia file will not only be in-language, but also be attuned to the societal and cultural likes and dislikes of the people for whom it is intended. Here are a few tips to successfully localize audio-visual content:
a. Create translatable videos in the first place: when you create videos for global marketing, make sure they lend themselves to translation. For instance; do not embed text in the video, don’t make it very specific to one locale - as it cannot be translated or may lose relevance.
b. Be careful with humor: it does not translate across cultures i.e. local metaphors and mannerisms are at work here. If not done right, it can easily back fire.
c. Use of technology: Now-a-days, workflow management tools are available to handle the complete subtitling process in the cloud. With managing heavy files and formats, these tools offer other features such as live preview, automated linguistic quality assurance, or sharing files for online review and editing, and integration with your enterprise systems.
d. Take advantage of professional audio and video translation services: AV localization is a lot more than just translating the speech, outsourcing it to an LSP, lets you focus on your core area

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Audio and video localization
What is transcription?
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What are your options for video localization?
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What is subtitling
What is subtitling?
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What to keep in mind when localizing video and audio content?
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What is transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting the audio in your video in a text format. This can be done either manually or using an automatic speech recognition tool/ technology.

Audio and video localization
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