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Instant, zero development website translation

The all-in-one shop you will ever need to translate your website in 100+ languages. Translation management, automatic change detection, without the complexity of any manual work or coding. We make the whole experience uncomplicated, instantaneous and secure. Our technology works for all kinds of websites and CMS developed in any technology.  We do all of this for you while you focus on your business to grow your revenue.
We are glad to introduce this end to end website translation solution in technical partnership with EasyLing. While Easyling’s technology makes it easy and a no-development affair to translate the website, Braahmam offers several world class website Translation service options.  

Website Translation

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Keep it Simple

Simple Website Translation

Connect your website to our technology with a simple code we provide to include on your website and see the magic  happen! Remove all complexity to make the entire website translation process easier, faster and hassle-free. You do not need any special technical knowledge or tech resources for your website translation project.

Supports all CMS and Ecommerce Platform

Supports all CMS and Ecommerce Platform

What technology was your website built on? Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Webflow, Bubble, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal or custom CMS? No problem, we have got you covered! Our technology is blind to how or what you have used to develop the website. You do not need to spend a cent on website internationalization process, saving you a huge amount of time and $.

Continuous Translation

Continuous Translation

Your product, services, or information on the website has changed. No worries, our change detection system notifies of the change made in the source language in the specified pages. Even adding or removing a page can be detected by our technology, making it stress-free to manage continuously changing website content in all the translated languages.

Access to free tools

Access to free tools

Need a quick word count estimate of your website for website translation costs? No problem, we provide you a free no strings tied tool to give you an idea of the word count of all your publicly visible website pages.
To take matters to the next level, we provide access to a free Website SEO Audit tool. This is a $100 in value for each report. The report helps you address the tech fixes on-site and numerous suggestions for off-site activities to boost your online presence.

Security Assurance

Security Assurance

Don’t live in fear of the unknown. The whole world uses content connectors, Plug-ins and APIs for machines and software to talk to each other and exchange content and data. Our technology platform is currently running for more than 100 customers without a security incident or escalation. Still, we are so sure of our technology that we are willing to provide you with a third part code audit certificate. This will assure you that you have nothing to worry about when you connect your website to our technology. Additionally, you are covered by our legally binding contracts when you sign up for the translation projects.

Full Service, peace of mind


We just do not provide a technology or platform – that would be piecemeal and inadequate to meet your goals. We offer full range of solutions for your website translation project. This includes providing solutions consultation, an estimated word count to provide a budgetary quote, high-quality translation of text, images and video content, visual language review of the translated website and even end-user testing and feedback management.

In context Translation Editing with Preview

In context Translation Editing with Preview

As part of the project workflow, you can preview each and every page as the translation process is in progress. See how your website looks and behaves in the other language. Our in context editor makes it possible for translators, project managers, testers, and customers to preview pages as they are translated so that we can collect feedback anytime and make changes. No surprises at the end of the project!

Managed Translation

Managed Translation

Managing translation assets, such as translation memory, glossary, translated files and the lot can be a challenging project management task without help from a technology platform. Add to that there are several approved translators, reviewers, editors, project managers and customer reviewers constantly working on website translation projects, exchanging files and content as per their assigned languages and security profile. Our technology and project management solution makes the whole process centrally controlled, monitored and managed, enabling smooth execution, reduction in errors and overall consistent customer satisfaction.

Choice of JavaScript or Proxy Solution

If you are looking for a highly secure, quick turnaround and budget friendly website translation solution, we will highly recommend the JavaScript translation solution. However, if you are looking a solution that works better for SEO purposes, then we would recommend the Website Reverse proxy solution. A snapshot of feature differences of both solutions is here . If you are not sure of your case, we can help you decide what suits your case. We are happy to talk to you.

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Budget friendly Translation service options

There’s no one way to translate your content, and you may want to decide for a unique mix of the options. Our premium 100% human, professional translation is ideal for client-facing, marketing, medical and context-sensitive content that will always need the expertise and discretion of human translators coupled with another layer of proofreading and editing by a second linguist. However, there are two more budget friendly options for quick turnaround and agile projects. You can opt for translation only service that provides high-quality single linguist output or AI assisted, human post-edited translations. If you are not sure of your case, we can help you decide what suits your case. We are happy to talk to you.

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What is this service exactly?

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How to get website translation right
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Different translation approaches and technologies you can choose from
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Challenges with website translation
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Benefits of translating with website integrations
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How to get website translation right

We list below some website translation best practices.

- Choose an LSP that has the tech as well as the linguistic capabilities. You expect your company to grow with time. Accordingly, choose an LSP that is able to meet your requirements now and is able to scale as required in the future.

- Consider translation a business process, just as accounting or sales. It is a non-negotiable if you want to sell overseas. Leaving it for the last minute will make it a more complicated process than it has to be.

- Invest in the right tools as needed. However, do not make too heavy investments prematurely. The translation technology landscape is pretty complex these days. Let a website translation agency help you navigate it.

The capabilities of website integration systems may seem very intuitive (and they are) and you may wonder why were things ever done differently. One reason is that the required cloud computing power was not in place. But now that it is, why translate any other way?
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Site MTPE Only
Site MTPE + Review
Site Translation Only
Complete Site TEP
* Service cost depends on the source words and language.
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up to 10,000 words*
no setup fee

29 USD/month
up to 50,000 words*
299 USD setup fee

69 USD/month
up to 100,000 words*
799 USD setup fee
99 USD/month
up to 150,000 words*
1,190 USD setup fee
129 USD/month
up to 250,000 words*
2390 USD setup fee
179 USD/month
** Unique source words. Easyling translates repeating content for free, which could save 50-80% of the cost compared to the total word count.
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Translation Proxy
for improved UX
+249 USD/month per language
Site Search
in translated content+99 USD/month per language
SEO setup
CDN as Reverse Proxy one-time 199 USD per language
Layout Adjustment
enable culturalization one-time 990 USD per selected language
Extended Support
get dedicated service with SLAs see our offerings
Unlimited pageview. No team size limitation. Free Machine Translation. Project setup by Easyling experts. Dedicated support for ExtraLarge and Enterprise plans.
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