September 29, 2020
Erwan de Kerautem (MediaWen International) in partnership with Braahmam

Discover ways to do Quick and Easy Video Translation on the Cloud (Repeat)

You have several video projects or files to translate into many languages? Do you have little time? You need control over your budgets and your data? Braahmam and Mediawen bring you a 1-stop shop online solution that saves time, headaches, and money to make your videos accessible to all. The linguistic talent of Braahmam team along with the secure Software as a Service (SaaS) expertise of Mediawen brings you an optimal answer to your video localization challenges. In this webinar, we will introduce Mediawen's high-capacity, secure, workflow management cloud-based platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for creating automatic transcriptions from video files. Any machine translation (MT) tool can be integrated into the platform to provide translated subtitles. We will show you how human translation or post-editing service by ISO 17100 certified Braahmam can be integrated on this platform. The customers can choose between hard-coded subtitles (open captioning) or a standards-based text file, such as SRT (closed captioning).

Unlock global markets with multilingual communication.  

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