7 Benefits of Website Translation and How It Can Help Your Business Grow
May 28, 2024

7 Benefits of Website Translation and How It Can Help Your Business Grow

Websites are meant to be read by as many people as possible. So naturally, your site will look best when it’s being read in the language of the dominant culture in that region.

This is especially important for businesses operating in multiple countries.

If you have customers across Europe or Asia, for example, then having a translated website is an absolute must.

As you might suspect, translation is not always easy and can take time and money if it’s not handled carefully from the get-go.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can benefit from translating your site into various languages without spending too much time or money on the process.

In this article, we’ll explore some of these benefits so that you can see how translating your site makes sense for your business too.

What is website translation?

Translation is the process of adapting content from one language to another.

When you translate your website, you’re taking your existing site and moving it to another language.

This can be done manually or with the help of a translation software.

The advantages of website translation are many.

Not only can you expand your reach and make your content more accessible to potential customers, but you can also introduce your site to a different culture and offer up-to-date information on the latest products and services.

Benefits of website translation

There are many benefits of website translation, and we’ve highlighted a few of them below:

Improves SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”

It’s a set of techniques you use to make your site such that it is most likely to be found by a human visitor searching for your product or service.

A key part of SEO is ensuring that your site is displayed in the “top-rank” on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

In many cases, this means having your site in the top-rank for the specified language.

A website that is available in multiple languages is a great asset in today’s SEO-driven world.

Google and other major search engines are aware that certain websites are not being read in every language, and they try their best to rank these pages accordingly.

Sites with a global reach, however, are much more likely to end up straight in the top spot. A translated website will boost your SEO value.

Google can also use the page’s language in the SERPs – that is, in the “Mobile-friendly website” section, as well as the “Language” field.

This means that your site will be listed in the languages you’ve translated, which could be a great benefit to potential customers who aren’t able to read your site in your native tongue.

Increases customer trust

Translated content is likely to be more trustworthy than the original language.

Each piece of content on your website is likely to be reviewed by a number of people before being published, and it’s likely that many of these people were not from the same culture as you were.

Therefore, it’s likely that many of your site’s content creators were not from the same culture as your customers.

Enhances customer experience

Making your site more accessible for customers is by translating your content into the language of the country you sell to helps easier for them to understand what you’re trying to say.

Generates more leads

As we mentioned above, visitors to your site can also likely come from outside the country where your core business is located, depending on the nature of the business.

Therefore, it makes sense to have a translated site in these regions.

This way, you can capture these visitors’ contact information as well and begin the conversion process with them right away.

Facilitates better communication

As translation helps in understanding the context in a better way, it’s important to note that it is not simply “transforming words into another language.”

It’s a much more nuanced process, and you should hire a professional agency if you want to ensure that your message is accurately conveyed to your audience.

Improves customer support

Translation can also be helpful for customer support.

If a customer has a question or problem, it’s helpful to be able to quickly respond to them in the language they use.

Helps generate more revenue

One of the most important benefits of website translation is the boost it can give your business’s revenue.

With more customers visiting your site, you’re likely to see an increase in sales, which is a great way of generating more revenue at the same time as boosting your brand’s reputation.

Maximizes global reach

Another important reason to translate your site is that it can help you expand your global reach.

If your target audience is in a country where the dominant language is not your own, then it makes sense to have a translated site.

This way, you can ensure that you’re reaching a significant number of potential customers.

How to translate your website

If you want to reap all of the benefits of website translation without putting in too much effort, then you’ll want to hire a professional translation company.

If your content is badly translated, you’ll quickly find yourself spending significantly more time than you expected on each job to get it right.

Which is why you should go for a professional agency.

The only problem is, how do you know which one to choose?

Luckily, we’ve researched the market and implemented website translation for a many of our clients.

And that has resulted in a significant increase in their ranking, traffic and in turn revenue from the target language customers.

Talk to us to know how you can translate your website without any hassle.

Is it really worth it?

Translating your website won’t only improve SEO, but it can also help boost your brand reputation, generate new leads, facilitate better communication, improve customer support, and maximize global reach.

If your website is not available in other languages, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to expand your customer base and grow your business.

You don’t have to be a large multinational company to realize the benefits of website translation.

For example, you can use a translation service to expand your reach and increase sales by translating your website from English to Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian and many more, or the other way around.

The world is becoming a global village and people want to interact with businesses that speak their language.

When you translate your website, not only are you expanding your reach, you’re providing your customers with a better experience.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why translating your site is so important.

Now, you simply have to decide whether or not you want to go through the process of translating your site.

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